At Charles C Harmon Co LLC
 we’ve been excelling in business since 1969 to bring you the very best of the very best in products. services and quality customer care.

Beginning as a sole proprietorship and then forming a limited liability company, in 2011, the company has seen steady growth over the years.

Home and Garden America and Grow For It! are the leaders in home and garden products with heirloom vegetable, herb and fruit seeds being the forerunner.  We believe that you, our customers, will be made healthier through the use of these seeds to grow your own fresh food.

Life Glow Products Division brings the finest quality herbal supplements to improve your health and wellness and add to your quality of life.

Leisure Ready Products Division is dedicated to enhancing your free time with products to make your leisure days more enjoyable.

Our highest priority is to provide unparalleled customer care before, during and long after the sale.  We believe that you, our customers, are the lifeblood of our business and serving you well is actually the best way to create a win/win for you and for us.

We know that, as we are blessed, we must bless those around us who need a hand.  Therefore, we gladly give our time, talents and finances to a wide range of charitable organizations such as St. Jude Children’s Hospital and Wounded Warrior Project.

We are at work blazing trails to any future markets that we feel will add to the quality of life of you, our customers, who trust us with your business.

As we are dedicated to serving you and creating this high quality of life, we’re also dedicated to providing the same to your posterity.